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Susan is teaching again!


I’m back!

After a few months to rest, recoup and move house, I am excited to be looking forward to a new kind of life with my teaching and Musicalia.

I sent the announcement email out to families on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-December and by Friday I was almost completely booked.  With session times filling so quickly I opened an additional day to my schedule.

At this time it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays for lessons.   As I write, there are only a couple of times still available, both after dinner times in the early evening on Tuesday and Thursday.

Almost all sessions are booked as private lessons.  A couple sessions have 2 children learning together, which will be fun!

There is a Saturday afternoon class with 3 four-year old boys in the spirit of the Musical Child program.

We have room for one 4 year old (or almost 4 year old) in a small Orff Play type class on Wednesday afternoons around 2 pm…we’re still figuring out the exact time, location and dates.

You can read more about private lessons here.

I’m excited.  It’s a new year, a new way of life with new ways of playing with children and new ways to inspire and help children shine!