Susan played at the NICU Celebration again this year!

NICU 2015

I brought my guitar and became a wandering minstrel for babies!  It’s one of my favorite things to do in our community each summer and I am grateful to be invited:)

The sun was shining, it was HOT and families seemed so happy to see their doctors and nurses from those first early preemie days.

Rainbow Kids Yoga!

Rainbow Kids Yoga logo_cert

Susan (that’s me!) completed her certification to teach Rainbow Kids Yoga in May 2015!

I’m not sure yet how to offer this service.

I’ve been asked to do in-home private yoga sessions for families/children. 

I’ve been asked to mom/daughter classes. 

I’ve been asked to do preschool age classes. 

I’m taking time to figure this out.   If you have an interest in yoga for your child…please let me know!  It’s super fun and tremendous for your child’s overall development:)

Check out the pics from the training!




Susan played at the NICU Reunion Party again this year!

Every summer the Victoria Hospitals Foundation organizes a reunion party for the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.  It’s an opportunity for families to reconnect with the doctors and nurses who worked intensively to care for babies born prematurely.  I was invited to provide entertainment and joy for the children!

You can see me here on the front page of the Times-Colonist with a sweet little boy named Logan.  Read the article HERE.

Susan and Logan TC 2014

Here’s a slideshow from the day!

30th Annual NICU Reunion Party from Island Health on Vimeo.

My Book is Available!

GG collage1 bookcover

Last summer I wrote a book called Growing Grounded:  Movement and Songs to Organize the Brain.


Growing Grounded is a practical resource I designed to help

  • music therapists
  • early childhood teachers
  • music + movement teachers
  • private instrumental & studio teachers
  • kindergarten teachers
  • primary school teachers
  • inner city school teachers
  • teachers of children with special developmental needs

work more effectively with their clients and young students.

If you work with children ages 2-7 years then this really is a must-have resource.  


GG collage1 bookcover Growing Grounded is a multi-media package (ebook, audio + video) available for immediate download.

GG collage1 bookcover  This will be a doable, practical resource for you if you want to offer children…

  • effective
  • fun
  • creative
  • movement-based activity
  • that is based on brain-friendly research.

GG collage1 bookcover  Find a DETAILED list of who can benefit HERE.

GG collage1 bookcover  Learn more on my resource site Make Me Musical.

GG collage1 bookcover  Check out my Learn & Play Shop  HERE.


2013 Making Tomorrow Conference

The Making Tomorrow Conference held each year at UVIC has opened for registration!

It’s a conference organized for parents and early childhood educators.

This year I will be presenting a workshop in the afternoon titled, “Organizing the brain thru music, movement & creativity”.  

I’ve created a hands-on, feet-on, learn-by-doing workshop to discover musical and movement based ways to help children grow healthy.

Join us!  We will laugh and learn and have a great day!

Click here to find out more about the keynote speakers, workshops and fees!





Happy Birthday, Musicalia!


Musicalia is 20 years old today! 





It feels as though that twenty years was about two weeks long and I am still a bit shocked that I am no longer master of a huge studio space with a hundred hours a week of planning, teaching, cleaning and administrating.  I’ve come full circle back to my private teaching roots.

When Musicalia first began I had a tape recorder, a piano, a guitar.  I was still teaching as a classroom teacher in Saanich school district.  I didn’t own a computer.  I had no idea what email was.  I did not own any percussion, orff equipment, movement props.  I’d never run a business.

My original vision

was to create an experience so magical and powerful it would touch hearts and inspire a love of music-making in every child and family I worked with. 

I hoped to impact and influence the musical lives of the grandchildren of the babies and children in those initial classes, the way my grandfather had impacted my musical life.   I had no idea what I was about to unleash in myself or my community.

Families from those early days tell me those early experiences were positive and significant.  They thank me and I feel so emotional, blessed and amazed.

There are so so many many happy happy memories (and bins of photos – no digital cameras in the early days) and so many children (now adults) continuing to make music in the spirit of Musicalia.

While the years have seemingly vanished and I am missing all the intensity and joy of the Musicalia group work, I am slowly coming to accept that I truly gave the Musicalia studio experience everything I had.  I do miss the groups.  Sometimes I imagine having leased a different space with different landlords…then I remind myself not to dwell and to look ahead not behind.

My spirit is happy to be able to continue to share my gifts with the community.  I count my blessings that families continue to look for my services for one-to-one and very small group work.

There is joy bubbling up from this loss…I still have so much to do and I can hardly wait to see some of you again…and in your own homes!




Susan is teaching again!


I’m back!

After a few months to rest, recoup and move house, I am excited to be looking forward to a new kind of life with my teaching and Musicalia.

I sent the announcement email out to families on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-December and by Friday I was almost completely booked.  With session times filling so quickly I opened an additional day to my schedule.

At this time it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays for lessons.   As I write, there are only a couple of times still available, both after dinner times in the early evening on Tuesday and Thursday.

Almost all sessions are booked as private lessons.  A couple sessions have 2 children learning together, which will be fun!

There is a Saturday afternoon class with 3 four-year old boys in the spirit of the Musical Child program.

We have room for one 4 year old (or almost 4 year old) in a small Orff Play type class on Wednesday afternoons around 2 pm…we’re still figuring out the exact time, location and dates.

You can read more about private lessons here.

I’m excited.  It’s a new year, a new way of life with new ways of playing with children and new ways to inspire and help children shine!


Goodbye Musicalia!

Musicalia closed its studio doors on May 31, 2012.

No relocation for group programs is planned at this time.

If you would like contact Susan regarding private lessons, please send an email.