The Best Testimonials…


This was my greeting one day from one of my young guitar students.  I’m not sure it gets better than this!

The Kosher Chicken Dance!

You’ve never heard the chicken dance played like this!

Check out Polkastra’s new wedding album!

Our favorite fiddler & trumpet player, Daniel Lapp, makes music with his friends from Polkastra and be sure to watch to the end for the bottle band!

Happy Birthday, Musicalia!


Musicalia is 20 years old today! 





It feels as though that twenty years was about two weeks long and I am still a bit shocked that I am no longer master of a huge studio space with a hundred hours a week of planning, teaching, cleaning and administrating.  I’ve come full circle back to my private teaching roots.

When Musicalia first began I had a tape recorder, a piano, a guitar.  I was still teaching as a classroom teacher in Saanich school district.  I didn’t own a computer.  I had no idea what email was.  I did not own any percussion, orff equipment, movement props.  I’d never run a business.

My original vision

was to create an experience so magical and powerful it would touch hearts and inspire a love of music-making in every child and family I worked with. 

I hoped to impact and influence the musical lives of the grandchildren of the babies and children in those initial classes, the way my grandfather had impacted my musical life.   I had no idea what I was about to unleash in myself or my community.

Families from those early days tell me those early experiences were positive and significant.  They thank me and I feel so emotional, blessed and amazed.

There are so so many many happy happy memories (and bins of photos – no digital cameras in the early days) and so many children (now adults) continuing to make music in the spirit of Musicalia.

While the years have seemingly vanished and I am missing all the intensity and joy of the Musicalia group work, I am slowly coming to accept that I truly gave the Musicalia studio experience everything I had.  I do miss the groups.  Sometimes I imagine having leased a different space with different landlords…then I remind myself not to dwell and to look ahead not behind.

My spirit is happy to be able to continue to share my gifts with the community.  I count my blessings that families continue to look for my services for one-to-one and very small group work.

There is joy bubbling up from this loss…I still have so much to do and I can hardly wait to see some of you again…and in your own homes!