The Best Testimonials…


This was my greeting one day from one of my young guitar students.  I’m not sure it gets better than this!

The Mind of the Prodigy


We are fascinated by music, math and language prodigies.  There is no “formula” to produce or create one.  They just seem to emerge.

The following article debunks some myths…prodigies are not all brilliant…except in their area of their gift.  They do seem to have superior memories in the area of their gift.

Research is now showing that we don’t have to be prodigies to be genius late-bloomers.

Check out this article for more info.




The Music Instinct

A clip from a PBS presentation.

Every bone in our body, every part of our body has the capacity to vibrate in response to music.


Ooooh! Check this site. Learn more about why music is such an effective therapy…

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Check out this interactive site!  So much fantastic information about why music is so good for us and such an effective therapy.


How do you raise a prodigy?

A long and fascinating article from the New York Times Magazine, “How Do You Raise a Prodigy?”.



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Why Music Matters