Ensembella Ensembello (9-14 yrs)

An Orff & Strings Choir
For creative, musical girls and creative, musical boys.

Please note:  Classes are no longer available.

Program Info

  • 30 classes per year
  • 105 minutes each class
  • $1250 tuition
  • Tuition payable by cheque or cash
  • Monthly payment plans available.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson

A Performing Ensemble for Children

This is a performing ensemble for children who wish to learn and present musical pieces through voice, violin, guitar, recorder ensembles and creative Orff and movement pieces.

We will perform for our families and friends. Check with Susan before registering if your child has an interest in this group. There are pre-requisites to joining.

Attitude is Everything!

Positive, encouraging, supportive attitudes are the focus of this program. We do work hard, but more importantly, we have fun and respect our fellow musicians while creating musical works together.

While most of the children have completed 2 or 3 years in the Maestros Program, and have learned to play and will continue to develop skills, in violin/guitar/recorder/harmonica, not all the children will necessarily play all these instruments.