Orff Play Program (3-1/2yrs – 5 yrs)

“African children in particular enjoy the benefits of musical life; they are as involved with music as our children are with television.” – John Miller Chernoff

Please note:  Classes are no longer available.

Program Info

  • 14 classes
  • 45 minutes each week
  • 8 children with parents
  • 4 to  children without parents


  • Tuition is $400 per term
  • Payment by cheque or cash
  • Susan is flexible with monthly payment plans

About Orff Play

  • This program is very active, chatty and creative!  Everything is a game.
  • It is designed to nurture creativity, music ability and comfort in learning through the body
  • Children ready for this program will be playfully engaged through a rich assortment of individual and cooperative kinds of activity
  • We offer activity to benefit the whole being of your musical child.

A creative movement moment

Classes without parents

  • Parents usually accompany the children to the music studio and then drop them off and leave before classes begin.
  • Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting/coat room area at Musicalia during class time.
  • If you intend to join us in the music room (or your child intends for you to stay and participate) then plan to play like a kid.  That means be prepared to take off your shoes and join in the fun.

Coat room and waiting area

Musical voice, Musical ears & Musical eyes

  • Vocal and speech development through singing, chanting, rhymes and vocal play, melodic and rhythmic patterning
  • Using the whispering voice, speaking voice, singing voice and calling voices
  • Listening games and quiet times
  • Storytelling and singing with puppets
  • Miming
  • Creative music reading and writing
  • Increasing use of manipulatives (pictures and stuff to touch) that build a foundation for music reading in following years.

Learning to read rhythms!

Musical feet, Musical hands and Musical body

  • Free dance, creative dance, folk dance, circle and line dances using special children’s music, world music, classical music and story/narrative music and acappella singing

Playing with boomwhackers

  • Development of beat competency and performing rhythm patterns through modelling, echo and play with world percussion instruments, boomwhackers, found sound instruments and mallet collections
  • Regular creative use of ukuleles (to establish comfort holding and caring for a guitar-like instrument…they love this!)

Playing in the Orff Orchestra

  • Develop a sense and feeling for ensemble performance through fun and simple songs sung and played during our orchestra time with the Orff instruments.
  • Musical play (choosing, playing, sharing, labelling) with families of percussion (metals, woods, shakers, scrapers, skins)
  • Props and other cool things to keep us active, creative, interested and focussed (stretchy bands, hoops, scarves, balls, microphones, hand & stick & finger puppets, marionettes, beanbags, paper plates, string, parachute, music boxes, glass chimes, dice games and more)

Playing with marionettes

Musical Mind

  • Music reading and writing experiences that prepare children for learning notation next year!
  • Special rhythm pictures and melody pictures that this age group loves and reads easily
  • Musical planning and interactive use of musical terminology (forte, piano, tutti, timbre, crescendo, decrescendo, accelerando, ritardando, presto, adagio).

Reading melody!

Musical Homework (it’s fun!)

  • Weekly music homework is designed for parents and children to complete together.  Supplies and information cards are provided to each family.
  • Listening library CD’s available weekly
  • Children receive a Musicalia carry bag to organize and transport their music games and supplies.