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Hi there!

The book is a new addition to my site and I haven’t figured out an automatic online system for purchasing & shipping yet.  That means you contact me directly.

I do accept credit cards, etransfers (Canada), Paypal and cash. 

Shipping is easy and books are already packaged.

Use the contact form to send me a note letting me know what you’d like or phone me. 

I’m happy to help you get your own copy and I’m super excited this is now available in full-color as a book!

Order Growing Grounded directly through Susan.

Your purchase includes access to the Members’ page with

  • downloadable assessments
  • developmental movement sequence charts
  • mp3 recordings
  • planning materials, picture cards
  • video

Growing Grounded is a multi-media learning package designed to provide you with an extremely organized, color-coded, easy to read, practical resource.

You will learn to incorporate simple patterns of movement that are fun for kids but also serve to improve attention, release stress, build a foundation for fine motor control, build confidence and more.

If you work with children ages 1-7 years, this is a valuable and practical resource for your planning.

Learn to use simple patterns of developmental movement in your private sessions with children and in your group work & classes with children.