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How is your heart?




“Success does for

children’s lives

what sunshine does

for stained glass!”




How is your heart? 


In some Muslim cultures, when you ask how someone is doing, you say:

in Arabic, Kayf haal-ik?

or, in Persian, Hall-e shomaa chectoreh?

How is your haal?

What is this haal?   It is the transient state of your heart.




Researchers at the HeartMath Institute tell us that:

  • Our heart communicates with our brain before the brain communicates to the heart
  • Our heart can sense danger before the eyes can actually see it.
  • Our heart can entrain (match vibration) to other hearts.
  • Our heart is an intuitive, intelligent, connection-seeking, connection-sensing, energetic force that lives inside each of us AND we’re born with this.  It’s one form of self-connection we can rely on our entire lives beginning in the womb.



When we’re asking how is your heart we mean

…how is your heart at this very moment?

…in this breath?


It’s not about how much you’ve accomplished, if you’ve cleared your inbox this week, made your child ‘practice’, deep-cleaned the house, lived up to the expectations of our culture (although we do many of these things in order to create success and provide an example in socializing our children for certain kinds of success).


Inviting music into your life means making space for your heart.


It means making space for connecting heart to heart. 


Teaching in such a way that allows children to connect with their own hearts, connect with music and connect with the adults around them is the most important aspect of music education (in my opinion).



My experience making music with children is that their hearts are wide open. So wide open the energy flowing out from them calls out the best from everyone in their circle of influence.


It is one of the reasons I continue to work with children.   I want to live in a world of play, joy, tears, hope, fun, stillness, busyness and love.


xo Susan