Programs at Musicalia cost more than other music programs/music & movement programs.

Why do you think it’s worth the extra money?

What is it that brings you here?

“Susan is extraordinary at sensing and molding the tone of the class. I appreciate that she uses the interests of the children to shape the flow of the class. I’ve been in other programs where when drum time is over, or if children are wandering or focused elsewhere there isn’t a cohesion to the class. Susan masterfully uses that type of momentum to draw the children in and aim the musical experience toward where the children are at not where the program has set. She’s so gentle and intentional with the children; it’s a beautiful thing to see how the children flock around her to see what she will do next!”

Musicalia is a joyful place! Love song to Musicalia written by 6 year olds

“To me Musicalia is more than just “music lessons”. It’s a place where my children are discovering the voice of their souls which is invaluable. It’s done with such excellence at Musicalia. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. From the creative homework, colourful pages, music binders, bags to the array of puppets and instruments and towels and scarves; the “tickle trunk” of Susan’s collection. The seasonal parties that not only celebrate and feature the children’s work, but reinforce their progress. Wow!”


“We love your class – it is such a wonderfully rich musical experience for our little ones.  Our son doesn’t willingly leave his Lego table for many things but he does for your class.”

“My oldest daughter is a bit reserved, but the safety of the group classes has given her a confidence to be in front of groups.”

“The pre-K programs are fabulous! All three of my children have absorbed the wonders of musical beginnings here through play. It’s truly something to discover that music is more than just an instrument, but movement, feeling and sounds all around. To observe that wonder in the toddler stage is awesome; they begin understanding the language of music as a whole body experience not just limited to something external from themselves. I think to know that so young frees music to be a natural part of you.”

Susan & Sophie Under the Rainbow

“Susan rocks! So positive and a great role model for my kid. Classes are filled with lots of movement and involvement of imagination and creativity.”

“Our son is very musical and still he sings his own songs, asks for specific songs on the iPhone and I credit you with bringing that out in him in no small measure.”

“This is a WAY of being with music, not a way of doing music. Not only is Susan a master educator, but also she is a gentle soul who knows how to connect meaningfully with her students to create a caring, rich, dynamic learning environment.”

“Classes are masterfully planned and executed to keep the classes dynamic, engaging, and always unfolding toward music awareness and development.”

“I would like other parents to know how capable, talented and dedicated Susan is. She treats every child with respect and love and she nurtures the individual child, encouraging their strengths and developing their weaknesses. Classes are exciting, engaging, fun, interactive, structured but with freedom of movement and expression. My children have benefitted in so many ways from Musicalia. They have gained independence, friendships, been exposed to music of all genres, experienced instruments in a controlled environment, developed confidence and Musicalia has fostered their love for music.”

Musical Love Letter!

“Susan connects with children and adults alike, to nurture, energize and inspire an appreciation for music.”

“Susan offers wonderful programs. Kids learn music through movement and games and a lot of laughter!”

“Musicalia goes beyond music and movement and encompasses socialization, learning and fun and play as learning. Susan’s enthusiasm and passion separate her from all other programs. This isn’t her business, it is her calling. Classes are a fun experience that keeps changing and never gets routine. We’ve tried other programs and honestly there’s no comparison. Others were routine and boring. Musicalia TRULY combines music & MOVEMENT. The selection of instruments and learning toys is unmatched. Above all, Musicalia, engages children on their terms and doesn’t force them to be mindless singing and clapping drones.”

“It’s the whole experience which when I sit back and take in, is so moving. Kids moving, creating, learning, playing together. Susan is so aware of child development/brain development and how you incorporate great, focused, energized classes with fantastic management skills.”

Musicalia is a fun and relaxed environment. Susan is very flexible, great with kids, a real ray of sunshine. Time flies by when you are there. The kids are allowed a lot of freedom. There is a lot of changing so no one gets bored. It’s engaging and a lot of fun for all.”

“Susan clearly enjoys the children she works with. She is warm and caring but can also be firm and clear when needed. She knows how to have fun but also how to bring the kids back down.”


“Susan gives a group environment but each one gets attention and time from Susan. She allows interaction or allows one to be left alone. No heavy performance or expectations on students allowing them to rise to themselves.”

“Susan’s extensive knowledge of music and childhood development and how they rely on each other make the cost, the drive from Sooke and the effort it takes to attend Musicalia well worthwhile.”

“The year long programs are well-developed and “complete” allowing the children to explore and develop creative movement, instrumental skills, vocal skills, social skills, critical thinking, emotional confidence and themselves!”

“Musicalia will be the class your child wants to go to even when they are tired or feeling sick! This class will be the one they LOVE about all else!”


“Susan will connect with your child in a magical way. She brings knowledge, play, wisdom and love into every interaction she has with your child (and you!) Classes at Musicalia are like being in the perfect childhood haven. They encourage creativity, respect, critical thinking and are always emotionally and physically safe.”

“This is my children’s favorite thing to do all week. Susan has the capacity to draw out a love of music in every child! She is like a real-life Pied-Piper for children. Susan always greets the children with a smile. She is always patient and encouraging. She manages to keep the kids engaged without having them run wild and lose focus. This class is worth every penny! There is no other program for young children that offers as much. Susan works her magic with the kids and that is what brings us back.”

What do you love about Musicalia?

…what the kids say…

“I love it all!”

“The friends I’ve met there.”


“I love everything about Musicalia, but mostly the singing, running and Susan’s curly hair.”

“If you said Musicalia was good, that would be a big, fat lie because Musicalia is awesome!”

“I like the puppet plays.”

“I want to tell Susan, I want to see you!”


“The cat and mouse game”

Is there anything that surprised you when you started coming to Musicalia?

“How much it exceeded expectations. The overwhelming amount of variety that keeps things fresh.”

“I just didn’t expect it to be so wonderful…”

“How amazing that the children start reading music at the pre-K level with a dot on the wall that eventually builds upon that in future session to sheet music! Wow!”

We teach 1 and 2 year olds to “read” music too!

“The parent participation at the end of each class. It’s lovely – we learn about what our children nave been doing but it also creates a community among all the family members, not just the children.”

“Just how fun a music class could be.”

“How much I would miss it if I couldn’t make it”

“When you attend Musicalia, you need to know that the classes and Susan herself are going to enrich and delight you the adult…not just your child!”

“I had no idea that the kids would have an opportunity to understand music in the way that they do. Theory is taught in such a simple way that it does not seem like work for the kids.”

“Susan’s energy and patience which stems from her genuine love of children.”

“Susan is a gifted teacher. Few ‘teachers’ are able to be so fully open and available to their students.”

Our Chinese Dragon Dance

What Parents Say About Susan and Musicalia…

“If Susan taught brick-laying, I’d send my kids!”

“Musicalia is unlike any other program in this city. Musicalia allows children to express themselves through movement and music. Many other programs are restricted to circle time activities and if you have a very active child these programs often do not stimulate them enough. At Musicalia there is a seamless transition from one activity to the next along with a flexibility to address the needs that day for any group of children. At Musicalia children are encouraged to express their enthusiasm physically though instruments, dance, song, and creative alternatives as simple as scarves, towels and balls. The simple array of instrument these young children are exposed to is impressive.”

“Susan radiates joy and warmth which allows her to create special bonds with each child. Even in the group settings. Susan is able to both direct the group whilst interacting with each child individually. Children listen to Susan because of the positive way she directs them.”

“Musicalia is one of those magical places. As soon as you enter, the ever-changing environment envelops you. Children are encouraged to be individuals, yet are nurtured to work with other children. Susan is a very positive and nurturing person. Her spirited teaching method encourages children to love music. She is gifted at being able to make each child feel special and welcome. Classes are enriching and fulfilling. Classes being with movement even before the classes scheduled activities begin. Susan has a sense of what the children need that day and is able to adjust.”

Miming hands…practising for our mime show!

“Susan has been a wonderful music teacher for our children. She is very talented and able to communicate well with the children and with the parents. She can easily adapt to the individual needs of other students, and is always very well in tune with the mood of her group. She has a lot of energy and, most importantly, really seems to enjoy what she is doing. Unlike other programs, she has her own studio, which feels very warm and home-like. This is an ideal atmosphere to learn to like music, and children really love to go there!”

“For the past six years my daughter has had the gift of having both Susan and Musicalia be a part of her life. Over this time I have watched Susan instill a love of music and dance in my daughter that has supported her through her development and even some challenging moments.”

“I would like other parents to know that Susan’s classes are so much more than just a music program. Susan brings great passion, enthusiasm, and an incredible amount of energy and joy to each of her classes every single week. Each week my daughter (and I) look forward to our time at Musicalia. It’s a place to relax, learn, and be embraced for who we are. The kids learn more than just music and dance. It’s worth every penny!”

The Music Monkey Twins

“Susan is a talented and intelligent teacher who makes music fun. The class time, her efforts and the equipment of this program are top-notch. Susan is fantastic!”

“You can have complete confidence in Susan. Your child could not be in better hands! Classes are well-suited to young children – lots of short and engaging activities perfectly geared for their attention spans. The curriculum is fantastic – covers movement, dance, playing instruments, singing, and performance for older kids. The involvement with the huge variety of instruments is fantastic.

“The curriculum is fantastic covers movement, dance, playing instruments, singing and performance for older kids. The involvement with the huge variety of instruments is fantastic.”

“Susan is an unbelievable teacher – she IS the Musicalia program. Curriculum is important, but without the right teacher it isn’t enough. Susan is very intuitive – she knows exactly what my children need and provides it for them so that their participation, engagement and success during each class are guaranteed.”

“Susan is able to engage any child and draw him/her into active participation in her classes. She can be gentle, dynamic, funny, firm – whatever a child needs to have success!”


“Little did I know that when my sons and daughter started with music as little tykes that eventually our daughter would be graduating with a degree in music (spring 2013) and our son would be both a singer and a percussionist.  Little did I know that when our youngest son started his Musicalia classes age two that by age 17 he would have his grade 10 RCM piano under his belt.  Thank you, Susan!”

“Susan is so lovely – always kind, inviting and engaging the children. My daughter loves going to class every week.”

“When my son was about 2-1/2, he started losing interest in music classes (he had been taking them since he was 6 months old). That is when I discovered Musicalia. Susan was highly recommended by several people, some whose kids are now in university (is that possible??!) so I decided to give it a try. My son’s class consisted of 8? 9? two-and-a-half year old BOYS and one girl. It had chaos written all over it. Much to my surprise my son and all of the other kids were 100% engaged from the minute the class started until the time it finished. Transitions were seamless and the lessons were just so much fun. My son is now 4 and still loves Musicalia and enjoys the classes with many of the same children he stared with. Thanks Susan!”

Playing the giant Chinese Wind Gong!